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  • The Truth Magazine
  • Monthly magazine aiming to promote the best in alternative literature, poetry, and providing the readers with underground films, movies, and music.
    edgy, alternative, underground, gritty, gonzo, literature, fiction, poetry, opinion, music, books, movies
    Date: 20050724 -  ID# -1041
  • Autoimmunity: It's Time to Take Control
  • Health articles and breaking scientific research, along with tips, tricks and recipes for living well with autoimmune disease.
    autoimmunity, autoimmune disease, health, wellness, alternative healing, nutrition, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
    Date: 20050920 -  ID# -1242
  • Natural Health Techniques Monthly Newsletter
  • An Ezine whose monthly focus and features include: Health in the News, Case of the Month, What's New on my Website, Ask Dr. Moffat, Product of the Month, Media Reviews, Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Life, What's Happening at Our House, and other special topics. Written by a Naturopath/Medical Intuitive/Veterinarian who focuses on cellular health, education and balance for both humans and animals.
    naturopathic, holistic, alternative medicine, medical intuitive, veterinarian, healthy lifestyle, healing, health
    Date: 20050927 -  ID# -1294
  • DO-Medicine News
  • Feel like you're hacking your way through the jungle of medical information? Want another, more holistic approach to your medical problems? Then you’re looking for DO-Medicine News!
    Osteopathic medicine, osteopathy, health, family health, D.O., alternative medicine, dry skin, medicine, women’s health, eczema, medical, medicine
    Date: 20051023 -  ID# -1523
  • Truth Telling Forum
  • An ezine that covers topics mainstream media often overlooks, with opinion pieces on environmental, feminist, economic, and government issues.
    news, politics, alternative media
    Date: 20051109 -  ID# -1562
  • Health Solutions with Dr. Bob
  • Bob Dorris, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, shares his years of experience and vast knowledge of little-known ancient and modern natural health secrets. Topics include increasing your energy, relieving pain, losing weight, preventing illness, longevity, children’s health and how to avoid drugs and surgery. Dr.Dorris accepts your requests for future newsletter topics.

    natural health remedies, natural remedies, alternative medicine, natural cures, alternative health, cures, remedies, health advice, longevity, oriental medicine, acupuncture, pain, disease
    Date: 20051116 -  ID# -1606
  • Advanced Health & Wellness
  • Each issue is full of up-to-date information from the world of advanced alternative/natural medicine. Included are articles from some of the most respected leaders in natural medicine, information about hi-tech supplementation and product comparison, suggestions on natural treatments for health concerns, hormone balancing for women and men, healthy recipes and advanced nutrition that will aid in getting the body healthy.
    natural health, alternative medicine, health, healing, women's health, men's health, wellness, natural remedies, glyconutrients, natural progesterone, hormones, asthma
    Date: 20060115 -  ID# -2315
  • Ode Magazine
  • An international news magazine unlike any other, reporting on stories about sustainability, natural health, leading-edge science and spirituality, inspiring people, and much, much more.
    health, sustainability, international, news, natural health, science, spirituality, environment, alternative, culture, technology
    Date: 20050104 -  ID# -238
  • A humor and entertainment online magazine, published every Thursday. Features humor columns, commentary, interviews, music recommendations, comics, and more.
    Quirkee,, cd, comics, commentary, entertainment, funny, humor, interviews, magazine, music, online publication, quirky, quirky humor, twisted sense of humor, news commentary, cartoons, 20 questions, alternative comics, lesbian humor, stay-at-home dad, bands to watch, cds to get, great indoors, carol standard time, because I said so, what's the matter with mommy, in the news, oddball, mr. grieves, a perpetual state of bliss, liberal opinion, music recommendations
    Date: 20060724 -  ID# -3802
  • Godisinthetv Zine
  • A independent music and culture zine covering new bands, new records, concerts and films.
    indie music film forums alternative rock dance bands gigs
    Date: 20050206 -  ID# -395
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