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  • Joshuas Journal
  • From the CEO of Joshua Books, Joshua’s Journal is an informative and enjoyable Newsletter packed with articles on new releases, special member’s offers, authors stories, interesting links, competitions and much more.
    interesting articles, enlightening, informative, links, competitions
    Date: 20050721 -  ID# -1031
  • E-Ezine - Free marketing recourses,articles,website promotion tips
  • E-Ezine - Your source for Internet Training, Net-Marketing Training, Internet
    Success,Internet education, Advertising and Marketing tutorials ,
    Free marketing recourse,articles , website promotion tips and many more

    ezine,ezine advertising, internet marketing articles,free marketing recourses,website promotion tips,MLM,software,book,ebooks,submit article
    Date: 20050809 -  ID# -1107
  • Jelly Paint
  • Jelly Paint is a fresh-from-the-oven literary e-zine which debuted in July 2005. Created by a small group of the rising stars of the writing world (if we do say so ourselves), Jelly Paint blows a breath of minty fresh air into the internet. Jelly Paint is not a magazine that you want to miss out on.
    literary, fiction, poetry, articles, humor
    Date: 20050816 -  ID# -1133
  • Midlife News
  • The Midife News is a free, monthly ezine delivered only by subscription to your email box. You'll find articles and short stories on midlife lifestyles, crisis, marriage and other relationships, finances, parenting, career, health, wellness and more.
    free, midlife, marriage, relationships, career, parenting, finances, lifestyle, articles, short stories, health, wellness
    Date: 20050819 -  ID# -1146
  • Woman to Woman Virtual Online Magazine
  • A unique Online Magazine created for Woman to Woman. Inspired from today's headlines.
    virtual online magazine,woman to woman,womens news issues,headlining articles
    Date: 20050908 -  ID# -1201
  • Herbal Tips and Tidbits
  • Each week we provide articles, recipes and resources on the safe and effective use of herbs and aromatherapy in everyday life.
    artomatherapy, herbs, health, recipes, healthy recipes, health articles
    Date: 20050919 -  ID# -1235
  • Poker talk
  • Poker and gambling discussions, from online to casino play.
    poker, online poker , poker forums, poker talk, poker articles
    Date: 20050923 -  ID# -1265
  • "Personal Growth & Success Strategies."
  • Whether your goal is a successful business or a better you,you'll love our ezine.You'll hear from world-famous business legends,authors, and the biggest names in possibility thinking,personal-growth,wealth-building,and success.You'll also get seminar and retreat updates,book reviews and more.
    Date: 20050929 -  ID# -1314
  • Monthly Mentoring Magazine
  • Our on-line magazine has been designed to help your home-based business be successful. We receive thousands of articles submitted from the experts in their field, in order to bring you the best information possible. We cover everything from websites, network, to advertising, packaging and some great tips and ideas on increasing your bottom line.
    magazine, business, information, articles, home-based business, money, small business, tips, marketing, opportunities
    Date: 20050930 -  ID# -1321
  • The Scruffy Dog Review
  • A bi-monthly electronic literary magazine offering the BEST of both traditional and eclectic flash fiction, poetry, short stories, screenplays and book reviews.

    Journal, Literary, ezine, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, articles, author interviews
    Date: 20051003 -  ID# -1357
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