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  • PSS Online - Privacy, Safety and Security
  • PSS Online - A monthly online guide covering Internet privacy, safety and security issues. We cover topics like: anonymous web surfing, deleting your surfing history, protecting your email, avoiding Phishing and SPAM scams and data encryption. PSS Online features both articles and links to privacy related news items. And our web site archives all this for FREE! The web site also features live news feeds, products and links of interest.
    Internet, intranet, privacy, safety, security, spam, phishing, computers
    Date: 20050718 -  ID# -1019
  • Computers One Step at a Time
  • Computer advice, tips and articles aimed at beginners. It includes a readers question section and suggested free downloads.
    Computers, PCs, Beginners, Learn PCs, Learn Computers, Seniors
    Date: 20050802 -  ID# -1076
  • Mouse Bytes
  • Computer tips and tricks for senior citizens and beginning computer users. Also gives links to various websites of interest.
    computer, software, technology, books, computer training, lessons
    Date: 20050804 -  ID# -1083
  • Irene's Cyber Rag
  • This focusses on computer and internet security for the home user, with tips, resources and free downloads.
    computer security, internet security, web security, PC security
    Date: 20050821 -  ID# -1149
  • Is My PC Vulnerable on the Internet?
  • How to protect your pc against spyware, adware, viruses, hacker attacks, information loss, and information theft.
    spyware, adware, antivirus, virus, pc help, computer help, firewall, security
    Date: 20050823 -  ID# -1155
  • Steps To A Healthier Notebook Computer
  • Learn to make your notebook computer run better. Our newsletter features, tips, tricks software and ideas for better mobile computing.
    notebook computer, mobile computing
    Date: 20051007 -  ID# -1373
  • DirectMatches - Where Business and Personal Relationships Build Income!
  • DirectMatches strategic vision has deployed the first online multi-match system in the world, in conjunction with the first matchmaking system, to leverage a direct selling marketing plan.

    "advice, commit, custom, date, dating, dating service, friend, friendship, fun, IM, international, internet, instant, keyword, match, match maker,, matching, matchmaker, matchmaking, matchscene, mate, member, men, men seeking men, men seeking women, messenger, messaging, online, online dating, online personals, partner, photo, photo personals, photos, pics, pictures, profiles, relationship, romance, search, searching, single, single parent, singles, username, video, voice, women, women seeking men, women seeking women, dating service, dating site, love, relationship, personal ad, match maker, people, match, upscale, quality, successful, men, women, partner, 0jewish, christian, christian date, christian dating, christian dating service, christian singles, religious, spiritual, commit, long term, matching, exclusive, sensitive, nice, sexy, smart, companion, marriage, divorce, widow, single parent, job, jobs, job sites, job vacancies, find a job, search jobs, resume tips, monster, job search engines, internet jobs, it jobs, computer jobs, retail jobs, healthcare jobs, sales jobs, finance jobs, engineering jobs, legal jobs, human resources jobs, HR jobs, admin jobs, customer support jobs, customer care jobs, career advice, careers, technology jobs, managerial jobs, diversity, equal opportunity, career search, job descriptions, temp jobs, part-time jobs, contractor jobs"
    Date: 20051124 -  ID# -1676
  • The FileSlinger(TM) Backup Reminder Newsletter
  • When was the last time you backed up your computer? If your hard drive died today, would you have another copy of your documents, financial data, images, and music? Anyone who needs help remembering to back up or needs to know how to make backups should sign up for the FileSlinger(TM) Backup Reminder Newsletter. Get back issues and extra tips and links in the FileSlinger(TM) Backup Blog.
    backup, storage, computers, data recovery, small and home offices, tech support
    Date: 20050123 -  ID# -327
  • MrKent.Net News
  • MrKent.Net is a website designed to provide you with all your educational technology needs and much more. As a thank you for visiting our site and subscribing to our newsletter we would like to provide you with one of our fantastic resources free of charge.
    education, technology, school, teacher, educator, teach, lessons, power point, computer, elementary, student, games, classroom
    Date: 20060803 -  ID# -4226
  • IT is an ezine intended to store articles news etc about the modern information technology. Any article about computers and technology are welcome
    computers and technology,artificial intelligence
    Date: 20060825 -  ID# -4833
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