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  • Life Design Strategies
  • A twice monthly email newsletter with Feng Shui tips and strategies to create environments of success and a life of effortless abundance. Boost your prosperity, enhance your relationships, improve your health or upgrade any area of your life.
    feng shui, spiritual growth, energy, environment, bagua
    Date: 20050723 -  ID# -1033
  • Leading Them to Water AND Getting Them to Drink
  • Within the workplace, there are several different issues at work (issues need to work, too!): employee hiring, retention, and morale; managerial competencies; sales force development; organizational effectiveness, and that's all just before lunch! How to lead them to water AND get them to drink is a monthly e-zine on creating highly effective work environments as well as tools to not just solve problems but to implement creative solutions.

    organizational efficiency, organizational leaders, executive management, executive leadership development, executive excellence, employee fit, employee strengths, effective work environments, manager, executive, project management, executive stress, execut
    Date: 20050922 -  ID# -1252
  • Conscious Clicks
  • Conscious Clicks provides information on Internet marketing, environmentally and socially-responsible organizations and events, and related tips you can put to immediate use.
    green business, environment, marketing, advertising, SEO, socially responsible, blogging, business, b2b
    Date: 20050104 -  ID# -237
  • Ode Magazine
  • An international news magazine unlike any other, reporting on stories about sustainability, natural health, leading-edge science and spirituality, inspiring people, and much, much more.
    health, sustainability, international, news, natural health, science, spirituality, environment, alternative, culture, technology
    Date: 20050104 -  ID# -238
  • The Weekly Leak, Water News
  • We hope that this electronic collection of top water news links and commentary will serve as a useful, informative, and entertaining guide to water issues affecting the business community, California, and society at large.
    water news, environment
    Date: 20050304 -  ID# -511
  • Engaging Minds
  • Life coaching and topical issues including politics, education, global, environment and leading an examined life.
    intellectual, comment, debate, politics, environment, education, life, coaching, challenging, opinion, news
    Date: 20050411 -  ID# -661
  • Grassroots News
  • Grassroots News gives news and timely information about Grassroots.org which is a web-based service that is designed to spread the word about various issues to the general public. One way that this is done is through sites dedicated to the specific issues such as Crime.org (white collar crime), KnowledgeIsPower.org (education), Homeless.org (homelessness and poverty), and VoterRegistration.org (registering for public elections). Our mission is to give outreach to those in need by giving them timely information. We also help charities and other nonprofits to get their word out by providing free web hosting and Internet services to their organizations. We hope that by saving this expense these organizations are able to spend their funds in other ways to help their constituents.
    Social, Economic, Human Issues, outreach, support, information, environment, justice, human rights
    Date: 20050519 -  ID# -787
  • Grassroots News
  • Outreach, important information to help the abused, oppressed, poor, sick, disadvantaged, homeless, working poor, bullied, youth, incarcerated
    outreach, social justice, economic justice, environmental justice
    Date: 20050607 -  ID# -858
  • American Eco Dog
  • Do you want a healthy dog? You can protect your puppy from a toxic world. The poisons in your home might be shortening your dogís life, not to mention your kidís lives. If you want to be an informed owner subscribe to American Eco Dog. Itís free.
    dog, environment, health, toxic
    Date: 20050712 -  ID# -988
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