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  • e-clips
  • e-clips publishes quality fiction, flash fiction, serial fiction, non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, humorous advice, seasonal pictures, and free screen backgrounds. We have ongoing contests in the fiction and flash fiction categories.
    fiction, flash fiction, serial fiction, non-fiction, poetry, humorous advice, book reviews, contests
    Date: 20050717 -  ID# -1016
  • Angel's Place
  • Angel's Place started out 7 years ago as an in-print 'zine
    created by a homeless teenager and sold mainly to staff members of social service agencies. The 'zine is now online and others are welcome to submit their own writing.

    creative writing, fiction, nonfiction, poetry
    Date: 20050718 -  ID# -1020
  • The Truth Magazine
  • Monthly magazine aiming to promote the best in alternative literature, poetry, and providing the readers with underground films, movies, and music.
    edgy, alternative, underground, gritty, gonzo, literature, fiction, poetry, opinion, music, books, movies
    Date: 20050724 -  ID# -1041
  • StrangeBeast
  • This biweekly ezine is the semi-coherant offspring of three only slightly confused parents from whose wombat belly pouches and troubled psyches it grows and fills an otherwise electronic void.
    Fiction Poetry Rant Surrealist Speculative Fantasy
    Date: 20050727 -  ID# -1053
  • Jelly Paint
  • Jelly Paint is a fresh-from-the-oven literary e-zine which debuted in July 2005. Created by a small group of the rising stars of the writing world (if we do say so ourselves), Jelly Paint blows a breath of minty fresh air into the internet. Jelly Paint is not a magazine that you want to miss out on.
    literary, fiction, poetry, articles, humor
    Date: 20050816 -  ID# -1133
  • Ramble Underground
  • Ramble Underground is a quarterly publication featuring Fiction, Poetry, Art, and Photography. We are looking to promote the underpublished Writer and artist. We host a quarterly 50-50 Fiction Contest where the winner recieves 50% of the entry fees plus publication.
    Fiction, Fiction Contest, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Writing, Art, Photography
    Date: 20050914 -  ID# -1223
  • The Writer's Tavern
  • We're an ezine of multiple genres: fiction, thriller, suspense, drama, romance and fantasy to name a few. We deal with men's and women's issues and even showcase artists. We welcome submissions from all writers, so long as they're daring, adventurous and original. Our goal is to attract readers of all kinds and give them a permanent seat at our reading establishment.

    fiction, horror, drama, fantasy, writers, read, stories, submit, redrum, artists, sci-fi, publish
    Date: 20050921 -  ID# -1249
  • Crime and Suspense
  • A webzine/ezine for readers and writers of crime, mystery and suspense short fiction.
    fiction, mystery, crime, suspense, short story
    Date: 20050923 -  ID# -1261
  • World Within magazine
  • New horror e-zine, aimed towards destroying the calmness of todays literature, twisted, sick, strong stories are a plenty inside the disturbing pages. The site holds Fiction, Poetry, Art and Reviews, all dark works from deep minds. We are open up to submissions all year round
    Literature, horror, submissions, poetry, fiction, art
    Date: 20050930 -  ID# -1325
  • Caveat Noctem
  • Horror Fiction Magazine
    horror, fiction, caveat, noctem. week, chills
    Date: 20051001 -  ID# -1337
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