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  • Steps to Change
  • Self-help for people with a chronic health condition.Tips and tools for living well with chronic illness.
    self-help, life coach, support, illness, disability, health,
    Date: 20050724 -  ID# -1038
  • Hip Girl's Guide
  • Hip Girl's Guide features articles and news about a variety of topics of interest to women. Wedding planning, entertaining, health and fitness, crafts, music, relationships, career, and more. It is updated weekly. We accept article submissions for consideration.
    wedding, crafts, fitness, health, fashion, women, career
    Date: 20050810 -  ID# -1119
  • Walking Off The Weight Newsletter
  • Walking Off The Weight is a weekly publication full of tips, articles and recipes to help you loose weight by walking and making small changes to your diet. We'll make it fun and keep you motivated to loose those extra pounds.
    weight loss, loosing weight, recipes, fitness, health
    Date: 20050816 -  ID# -1131
  • Midlife News
  • The Midife News is a free, monthly ezine delivered only by subscription to your email box. You'll find articles and short stories on midlife lifestyles, crisis, marriage and other relationships, finances, parenting, career, health, wellness and more.
    free, midlife, marriage, relationships, career, parenting, finances, lifestyle, articles, short stories, health, wellness
    Date: 20050819 -  ID# -1146
  • "Get Off the Couch!"
  • Tips for improving your mental health and wellbeing. Tips for improving relationships, parenting, and personal goal setting. Information about mental health problems and steps to overcoming them.
    psychology, mental health, parenting, depression, anxiety, relationships, marriage, happiness
    Date: 20050822 -  ID# -1153
  • Work online at home with no start up cost!
  • We're So Sure Our System Works We'll Let You TRY IT FOR FREE
    FREE Product* . . . FREE International Business
    FREE Websites . . . FREE Support and Training
    Six-Year Old Debt-Free Company -- Great Compensation Plan
    * You pay only $2.95 for shipping and handling of product

    Website, Business Opportunity, No Cost, Health, Home, Automation, Support , Training, International Business, Great Compensation Plan
    Date: 20050909 -  ID# -1203
  • No More Diets
  • Learn to ditch your diet and still get slim - subscribe and collect a free 15 page report "Lose weight without dieting - the 7 secrets the diet industry doesn't want you to know".
    slimming, healthy eating plan, diet, health, fitness
    Date: 20050912 -  ID# -1215
  • Seniorloop Newsletter
  • Informative and fun for the over 50 crowd.
    senior, senior citizens, over 50, travel, crafts, prescription drugs, grandkids, fitness, health
    Date: 20050912 -  ID# -1216
  • Healthy Living Cafe
  • Healthy Living Cafe believes that a healthy lifestyle comes from a balance of a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy soul. We aim to fill this need with our products and articles.
    healthy, body, mind, soul, product, weight loss, antioxidant, energy, nutrition, cafe, advanced, vitamin, pet, protein
    Date: 20050913 -  ID# -1219
  • UHS News Alert
  • We will occasionally email you health care news and stories, medical breakthrough announcements and other interesting tidbits of valuable marketing and health related items.
    health, news, medical, newsfeed, care
    Date: 20050914 -  ID# -1220
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