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  • Wordz in Motion
  • The publishing industry, promoting self publishers and writing, as well as the business pertaining to media and entertainment and conferences relevant to these subjects.
    educating, uplifting, promoting, entertaining, publishing, writing, filming, media, events, business, literary
    Date: 20050815 -  ID# -1130
  • The Age of Kali: spiritual awareness in a materialistic society
  • The Age of Kali, a zine for spiritual awareness in a materialistic society, aims at exposing the faults of modern day materialism and establishing a universal spiritual movement to correct the age of hypocrisy. Based on the teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the spiritual master of the International Society for Krishna Consiousness
    spiritual, punk, krishna, core, political, media, social, monk, meditation, yoga, enlightenment, corporate
    Date: 20050910 -  ID# -1208
  • Woman to Woman Virtual Online Magazine
  • Woman to Woman Virtual Online Magazine is a unique woman's online magazine created for women, headlining articles written by women.It is the most informative virtual magazine and completely FREE. Discussing woman issues and work at home news. Our Online Magazine is in PDF Format for easy viewing and pick up.

    virtual online magazine,woman's online magazine,women's news,woman issues,headlining articles,working mother magazine online,news-media-journals-magazines,work at home business,woman news,news journal,work at home news,wahm enzine,magazine,journal,articles,woman studies,online education,newsletter,work at home,headlines,mom,family,moms,sahm,mother,families
    Date: 20051017 -  ID# -1495
  • Grave Concerns E-zine
  • Grave Concerns E-zine is a U.S. based on-line magazine specializing in Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Noise, Alternative, Ethereal music reviews, interviews, giveaways, news and much more. Send in your promos for reviews. We update daily since 1999.
    Gothic Music, Industrial,, EBM, Reviews, Interviews, News, Mp3's, Media, Dark, Underground, Grave Concerns
    Date: 20051026 -  ID# -1530
  • Truth Telling Forum
  • An ezine that covers topics mainstream media often overlooks, with opinion pieces on environmental, feminist, economic, and government issues.
    news, politics, alternative media
    Date: 20051109 -  ID# -1562
  • Peace At Work
  • Want a peaceful worklife? End co-worker bickering and frustration with our Mediation Toolkit. Learn proven skills that promote cooperation during our monthly 25
    teleclasses and coaching calls. Join & get member-only access to articles, worksheets and tools
    packed with sucessful techniques to resolve issues. Subscribe to free monthly ezine!

    mediation, dental, staff, conflict, employees, teleclasses, tele-coaching, coaching,
    Date: 20050107 -  ID# -253
  • How To Wage An Effective Publicity Campaign...Without Going Broke
    Publicity, PR, Marketing, Media
    Date: 20050120 -  ID# -311
  • Celebrating Our Truth
  • Practical, results-based techniques to improve your life today specific skills, powerful knowledge, and suggested applications.

    practical, immediately-useful, information, create, your, path, unique, improve, today, life
    Date: 20050402 -  ID# -618
  • The Ebook King Chronicles
  • We decipher niche topics of interest to the public as well as articles covering the creation and promotion of information products.
    creating ebooks, creating information products, creating multimedia products, ebook tutorials, learn how to create ebooks
    Date: 20050404 -  ID# -629
  • STEP-Carefully! for Stepparents!
  • Inspirational advice, education, and support for
    stepfamilies. Since 1996, we have helped remarried
    couples deal with the challenges of blending a new
    family from a broken past.

    stepfamily, stepparent, remarriage, divorce, parenting, ex-spouse, stepdad, stepmom, stepkid, mediation, mediator
    Date: 20050606 -  ID# -847
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