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  • The Truth Magazine
  • Monthly magazine aiming to promote the best in alternative literature, poetry, and providing the readers with underground films, movies, and music.
    edgy, alternative, underground, gritty, gonzo, literature, fiction, poetry, opinion, music, books, movies
    Date: 20050724 -  ID# -1041
  • Reggae Festival E-Guide Ezine: Festivals Around the World
  • Reggae Festival E-Guide Ezine features upcoming reggae festivals, album release news, reggae band and business promotion,

    Caribbean recipes and travel, and fun reggae trivia. Published weekly from May thru September during festival season, and monthly from October thru April.

    reggae festivals, caribbean recipes, jamaica, music promotion, caribbean travel, reggae news, marley, dancehall, ska, rocksteady, ragga, dub
    Date: 20050923 -  ID# -1258
  • Texas Music Forge - An Audiozine
  • Each month we publish great short stories, most with featured music, available as free Mp3 downloads. Somewhere between a podcast and an audiobook in length, our stories have excellent music that draws from folk, blues, rock, jazz, electronica, Tex-Mex and more.
    music, audiobook, audiodrama, podcast
    Date: 20050928 -  ID# -1302
  • Grave Concerns E-zine
  • Grave Concerns E-zine is a U.S. based on-line magazine specializing in Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Noise, Alternative, Ethereal music reviews, interviews, giveaways, news and much more. Send in your promos for reviews. We update daily since 1999.
    Gothic Music, Industrial,, EBM, Reviews, Interviews, News, Mp3's, Media, Dark, Underground, Grave Concerns
    Date: 20051026 -  ID# -1530
  • Country Music Classics
  • news and information about classic country music from the 1950's thru the 1980's
    classic country music
    Date: 20051112 -  ID# -1576
  • Mish Mash Magazine
  • Music eZine featuring live show reviews with photos, cd and movie reviews, concert calendar, and the latest in music news.
    music, concerts, photos, news, unsigned bands, los angeles
    Date: 20050102 -  ID# -225
  • Pentatonic Guitar Lessons
  • A free monthly guitar lesson to help you improve your technique, music theory and guitar soloing.
    guitar, pentatonic, lessons, technique, theory, improvising, licks, music, scales, picking, solos
    Date: 20050103 -  ID# -231
  • Leontios
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    Date: 20070106 -  ID# -2355
  • GBH Newsletter
  • New music videos from the coolest new artists, plus the best New York events. We feature artists such as The Scissor Sisters, Felix Da Housecat, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Razorlight, Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, John Legend, Fatboy Slim - and many other cool artists from the worlds of electronic, rock and hip-hop.
    Music Videos, New York Events, Guest Lists, Dance, Rock, Hip-hop
    Date: 20050112 -  ID# -275
  • ALLMusicianNews
  • ALLMusicianNews is a free newsletter for Musicians. Each issue includes a featured article, reviews of chosen Musical Instruments, Music Gears, Apps, VST/DX plugins, Audio Sample Libraries and much more.
    Musician, Music, Gear, Instrument
    Date: 20050118 -  ID# -303
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