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  • Dark Iris - Writer's Block
  • Monthly e-zine highlighting poetry, publishing, writing, humor, valuable articles on money, marketing, and life in general. It also provides insights and editorials from the editor.
    entertainment, art, poetry, editorial, informational, writing, publishing, humor
    Date: 20050808 -  ID# -1101
  • Wordz in Motion
  • The publishing industry, promoting self publishers and writing, as well as the business pertaining to media and entertainment and conferences relevant to these subjects.
    educating, uplifting, promoting, entertaining, publishing, writing, filming, media, events, business, literary
    Date: 20050815 -  ID# -1130
  • Humdinger Literary E-zine: Unforgettable Fiction and Poetry
  • Humdinger Literary E-zine presents multi-genre fiction and poetry, writing contests, inspiration for writers and writers' resources links.
    writers, poets, short stories, writing contests, editing, publishing, poetry contests, short story contests, writing links
    Date: 20050904 -  ID# -1185
  • The Great Ideazine
  • Free weekly ezine chock full of great ideas for your small business. We guard your email address like it was our own!
    great ideas, ideazine, internet marketing, ezine publishing
    Date: 20050930 -  ID# -1328
  • Writers' E-Zine: Between the Lines
  • An insiders' perspective on the craft of writing and the publishing scence. Articles on writing, interviews with inudstry professionals, and more.
    writers' ezine, authors' ezine, publishing, book publishing
    Date: 20051115 -  ID# -1590
  • DeSilva's News
  • A tool writers rely on to meet their creative needs; offering free promotion to all subscribers; contests, courses, articles of interest and other resources.
    writing, books, publishing, promotion, interviews, articles, authors, short stories, novels
    Date: 20050109 -  ID# -261
  • Reflection's Edge
  • Reflection's Edge, the e-zine for thoughtful readers and writers, is a free monthly online publication with two major aims: to house good fiction, and to help writers improve their writing. The focus of the fiction section of RE is on marginalized fiction - genre fiction which many "literary magazines" do not accept (i.e., sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery, the supernatural, westerns, adventure, magical realism, erotica [not pornography] - non-mainstream fiction). Our resources section for writers covers everything from sci-fi world building to recognizing and fixing grammar mistakes. Some of these articles were written expressly for the site; some are off-site article links; some are links to actual books. Regardless, our focus is excellence in writing.
    genre fiction, resources, links, book reviews, craft, writing, publishing, publication, submissions,
    Date: 20050129 -  ID# -354
  • The Book Coach Says
  • The Book Coach Says monthly free ezine shares up-to-the-minute information on book writing, publishing and marketing the easiest and cheapest ways--the internet. Her tips, recommendations, and great resources will help grow your book or business. Judy Cullins, 20-year book and internet marketing coach at Dan Poynter says, "It's totally worth your time."

    book writing, book publishing, book marketing, book publicity.
    Date: 20060728 -  ID# -3999
  • Prosperous Writer!
  • The newsletter for writers who are serious about making real money.
    prosperous writer, freelance writer, copywriting, publishing, writer, freelance copywriter, content writer,
    Date: 20060731 -  ID# -4124
  • Rise Up In Thirty Days Publishing
  • Free Ebook with your subscription. Tips Tool and valuable Publishing information for any online business
    publishing, home business, writing, ebooks, copy writing
    Date: 20050214 -  ID# -433
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