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  • e-clips
  • e-clips publishes quality fiction, flash fiction, serial fiction, non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, humorous advice, seasonal pictures, and free screen backgrounds. We have ongoing contests in the fiction and flash fiction categories.
    fiction, flash fiction, serial fiction, non-fiction, poetry, humorous advice, book reviews, contests
    Date: 20050717 -  ID# -1016
  • The Scruffy Dog Review
  • A bi-monthly electronic literary magazine offering the BEST of both traditional and eclectic flash fiction, poetry, short stories, screenplays and book reviews.

    Journal, Literary, ezine, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, articles, author interviews
    Date: 20051003 -  ID# -1357
  • Grave Concerns E-zine
  • Grave Concerns E-zine is a U.S. based on-line magazine specializing in Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Noise, Alternative, Ethereal music reviews, interviews, giveaways, news and much more. Send in your promos for reviews. We update daily since 1999.
    Gothic Music, Industrial,, EBM, Reviews, Interviews, News, Mp3's, Media, Dark, Underground, Grave Concerns
    Date: 20051026 -  ID# -1530
  • MAPnews: dvd information + sources for discerning viewers
  • The newsletter for, an information website started in
    response to requests from people who didn’t want to sift through the
    hundreds of titles released each week for information about good films
    coming out on DVD and the sources for acquiring them. We seek out films
    from all over the world that will stimulate your curiosity and introduce you to
    places, ideas, and conditions that will expand your knowledge and
    understanding of the state of being human. Edited by a professional film
    festival programmer.

    dvd, movies, entertainment, culture, film, cultural creatives, reviews
    Date: 20051101 -  ID# -1543
  • - A breakthrough in soccer predictions
  • Your complete solution for soccer betting, from soccer predictions and picks to match previews, news and results.
    soccer prediction, betting, tips, soccer picks, match previews, free, football, results, scores, news, asian handicap, fixed odds, uefa cup, champions league, barclaycard premiership, premier league, spanish la liga, euro 2004, eye2bet
    Date: 20051101 -  ID# -1544
  • hotcompin

  • casino,poker,gambling,casino reviews, best casinos,poker players, play to win, tournament, strategy
    Date: 20060120 -  ID# -2331
  • Challis Street Chronicles Newsletter
  • Reviews for online business opportunities, resources and tools for operating a successful internet marketing business
    internet, marketing, business, reviews, resources, online tools, opportunities,
    Date: 20050127 -  ID# -346
  • Reflection's Edge
  • Reflection's Edge, the e-zine for thoughtful readers and writers, is a free monthly online publication with two major aims: to house good fiction, and to help writers improve their writing. The focus of the fiction section of RE is on marginalized fiction - genre fiction which many "literary magazines" do not accept (i.e., sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery, the supernatural, westerns, adventure, magical realism, erotica [not pornography] - non-mainstream fiction). Our resources section for writers covers everything from sci-fi world building to recognizing and fixing grammar mistakes. Some of these articles were written expressly for the site; some are off-site article links; some are links to actual books. Regardless, our focus is excellence in writing.
    genre fiction, resources, links, book reviews, craft, writing, publishing, publication, submissions,
    Date: 20050129 -  ID# -354
  • FreeLook E-Zine
  • Original short stories, trivial news, jokes, limericks, movie reviews, cookbooks, poetry, helpful tips, and more!
    literature, sci-fi, fantasy, movies, reviews, cookbooks, news, jokes
    Date: 20050129 -  ID# -357
  • Be a Whiz at eBiz: The No-Hype Internet Marketing Newsletter
  • Learn how to promote your website and business online with no hype, honest recommendations, updates and commentary on internet marketing and website promotion.
    marketing newsletter, internet marketing newsletter, online marketing newsletter, internet marketing ezine, website promotion tips, marketing tips, product reviews, articles
    Date: 20050204 -  ID# -386
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