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Here is how eZINESearch® and our database can help you.  You can give fresh, easy content that will help you increase your readership and visits to your web site and/or ezine.

We give you permission to cut/paste excerpts from our eZINESearch® database (upto 100 titles limit per display).  All we ask of you is to display our eZINESearch® logo/link on your web page(s)  and/or in your ezine.  You must be sure to include our copyright notice at the bottom of all content you use from this site along with a link to this site.  You must also send us an email telling us where you intend to use our material.  It is that simple. Here is a sample of the copyright notice...

Content Copyright 1995-2003, eZINESearch® Online Services (http://www.homeincome.com). 
This material used by permission.

One idea might be for you to bookmark this site and to periodically visit us for "What's New Today!".

Here is the idea...
1. Go to http://www.eZINESearch.com  before you need the material.
2. Click on the "What's New Today!" link. 
3. Do a check of what is new now and write down the top newest listing you have not used yet.  This method will allow you to keep track of where you left off on your last cut/paste.  This "Title" reference will then be the bottom ezine (marker) on your next run for "What's New".
4. All new ezines listed will be in order of listing date.  So just cut/paste all items on the screen from top (newest) to the last (oldest) title you
already have listed in your last issue.  You are permitted to use up to 100 titles at a time per month.  
6. You can also use this content in many variations by using the "Return Results" option choices in your search.
5. Thats it!  You now have some new material for your next newsletter issue or web site update.

If you have any other ideas or need other specific "sorts" in display of our database let us know by email eZINESearch Support

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